Status Report

I’m FINALLY making some progress on my book, and I’m really excited about it. I’ve compiled a list of musicians, moments, songs, and albums from the golden era of rock to base my book around, however, the list has already changed multiple times. As I do more research and unearth more interesting facts about this period in rock ‘n’ roll, new ideas come forth that seem to fit in more with what I want my book to be.

I’ve also started doing some illustrations for the book. I want the book to be quite simple/minimalistic, but then have some line/contour drawings to add some interest.

I have started a bit of the actual design of the book, but I haven’t gotten too far with this, as I’m still researching. I’m hoping to get more of the illustrations and research done this weekend so I can focus more on the formatting of the book.

Christina Zalec