The A-Z of Rock 'N' Roll: A Proposal


From AC/DC to ZZ-Top, this book covers the most significant people, places, moments, and music (albums, collaborations, and songs) during what could arguably be the golden era of rock, from the years 1965 to 1975.

     This era was filled with innovation, where musicians would experiment with new instruments and new techniques to create a brand new sound. With the onset of the Vietnam War, no longer was rock simply a genre, but now it was an attitude with political and rebellious undertones.

     The A-Z of Rock ‘N’ Roll will discuss popular icons in rock, as well as shed light on lesser known individuals who made great contributions to the movement. More space will be devoted to the people, places, moments or music that were especially significant in shaping this era. Hand-drawn illustrations and graphics will accompany descriptions, mini biographies, and stories to add interest (and in some cases, put a face to a name).


The first thing I need to do is brainstorm what/who I want to include in the book. There are some well known/obvious choices that I want to include, but I would really like to focus on lesser known people, places, etc. that were huge contributors or were influential in the rock music industry at this time.

Once I have this determined, I’m going to work towards the aesthetic/design of the book. At this point, I’m thinking something simple and mainly black and white. However, I am also considering more of a psychedelic theme, as this art style was so popular during this era.

Aside from the hand illustrations, I’d also like to add in quotes from musicians or quotes about the musicians, places, music, etc. that are quirky or not well known.


Christina Zalec