Girl gang

Hand-drawn & digital, 2017/2018

Tasked with creating a (fictional) magazine of the genre of your choosing, I decided to create a new women's magazine, called Girl Gang.

Girl Gang is a magazine created for real women. But what is a real woman? She’s the reader, their best friend, their mom, their sister. She’s a teacher, a doctor, an artist, CEO, scientist, or activist. She’s every single woman who’s had to say #metoo, every woman who walked in the Women’s March, and every woman who has risen above hardships. And, of course, she’s the person who fills the pages of the magazine.

Girl Gang features a clean, minimalistic style, with subtle nods to the 70's (e.g. Cooper Black used for the masthead). Why this 70's twist though? Part of Girl Gang's mission statement is to empower women, which was huge in the 70's. The women's liberation movement was still occurring at this point, the punk scene had just emerged, and powerful women like Joan Jett, Betty Davis, Stevie Nicks, and Billie Jean King were redefining what it meant to be a woman, which is exactly the spirit this magazine embodies.