70 Years of Rockin'

So where I'm from, there's a legendary music venue called the Horseshoe Tavern. When I say this place is legendary, I'm talking people like the Rolling Stones, the Band, and the Police have played there. This year marks the Horsehoe's 70th anniversary, and in honour of it, there are a bunch of special concerts. These shows included a 3 night residency for one of my favourite bands, Hollerado (along with Little Junior and Calpurnia).

The pinkie, ring finger, and thumb are based on a poster that Hollerado's singer Menno, and Little Junior's singer Rane designed. My middle finger is Little Junior's logo, and my pointer finger is Calpurnia's logo. 

Starting with my pinkie, ring finger, and thumb, I used a base coat of Sky Blue from Barry M. I then painted the details of the poster with acrylic.

For the Little Junior nail, I used a base of Sure Thing from Revlon, then painted the frowning face with blue acrylic. Perfecting that circle took me FOREVER.

Finally, for the Calpurnia nail, I used a base coat of Black Taxi from Nails Inc., then painted the details with acrylic.

The concert was beyond amazing. It was a night filled with good people, great music, and an awesome atmosphere and venue. If you haven't heard of any of these bands, I highly recommed you check them out. We've got some pretty phenomenal bands in Canada, and it's about time the world knew about them.