You Rock, Don't Ever Change

I’ve been feeling incredibly nostalgic lately for some weird reason. Maybe it’s because I found a picture of me in the late 90’s looking exactly like D.W. from Arthur. Or maybe it’s because during an existential crisis I started thinking about time, and my own mortality, which made me long for simpler times... okay, getting a lil’ dramatic... Buuuut whatever the reason I’m feeling nostalgic for, I figured I might as well paint my fave badass 2000’s character, Lizzie McGuire.

This magical glittery polish is In True Stefani Fashion from OPI (as if this post couldn't get more nostalgic, I found a way to incorporate Gwen Stefani). Then I painted everyone's fave early 2000's Disney star, Lizzie McGuire using acrylic paint. I used about a billion coats (okay, more like 4) of the Joe Fresh top coat over the glitter before painting Lizzie to make sure it was a smooth surface to paint on. 

Seriously though, look at this glitter. I don't usually like glitter, but this out-of-focus shot should show you just how magical and sparkly this polish really is. 

And of course, here's a close up of good ol' Lizzie.

This was one of my favourite shows of the early 2000's, and honestly, I hope to one day have friends as wonderful as Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda. Also, Lizzie McGuire is the reason that I still want a (sassy) cartoon of myself that can voice all of my inner thoughts.