O' Canada

So a few weeks ago, my country turned 150. Yes, Canada is older than 150, but it's been an officially unified nation for 150 years. While I admit that Canada has its fair share of problems, it's still a pretty amazing country, and I'm hella proud to be from here. In honour of the 150th, I decided to paint myself a set of nails that show why I love this country.

Starting things off, I used a base of Sure Thing from Revlon for all of my nails. All details were painted using acrylic paint, and protected with a couple coats of the Joe Fresh top coat.

On my pinkie is the CN Tower. I absolutely adore Toronto, so this probably came as zero shocker to anyone who knows me. My ring finger is my beach. I love beaches all around the world, but I have a particular soft spot for the beach that's just down the street from my childhood home. I'm an absolute music fanatic, so of course I had to rep some of my favourite Canadian musicians on my middle finger. This included Rush, TUNS, Hollerado, PUP, and April Wine. Finally, I painted a polar bear on my pointer finger. While there are no polar bears near where I live, there are still plenty of them in Canada... and I just so happen to love polar bears almost as much as I love sharks. Check my nails out in the gallery below.

So that's it for this post. I'll be back with more nail art soon (especially considering how much I've missed in the past year without blogging).

Until then, happy nail painting!