I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago when I stumbled across Park Eunkyung's (owner of UNISTELLA) page. It took seeing about two pictures of her nail art to be hooked. And then it got even better: I saw her wire nails, and just knew I had to try to recreate them. So, armed with pliers, polish, and wire, my wire nail art journey began.

I started off with a base of Sure Thing from Revlon ColorStay (I honestly think this is the holy grail of white polishes). I then bent pieces of a high gauge wire in red to create the eyes/faces. I'm not sure the exact gauge, as I've had it for quite a while, but it's probably somewhere towards 30 gauge. Whatever wire you use, should you decide to attempt this too, make sure it's quite thin and easy to bend. 

To attach the wire to my nails, I put down a thick coat of Joe Fresh's top coat, then just stuck 'em down as best as I could. And then it was time to photograph them. Below are what I guess is my artsy, editorial photoshoot attempt??? P.S. my lip colour in these photos is Prague from Nyx's Soft Matte Lip Cream line.

And here are a few more pictures to show off the detail a bit more.

I seriously had a ton of fun creating these, but the only downside to them is that they're not actually wearable. The wires (even with nail glue) don't stick very well, and catch on things easily. Pretty sure I lost one about 30 seconds after taking these photos because it got caught in my hair when I touched my head... That being said, I would definitely do these again. They were tons of fun, and made for some pretty awesome pictures. I would also love to recreate this nail art with thread so that I could actually rock them outside of the house.

So what do you think? Would you try these? Let me know in the comments below! And if you do happen to recreate them, tag me on Twitter or Instagram (@the_nailguru) so I can see!