What's that in the water?!

Before I painted the Shark Week logo, I had this sort of build up to it. I started with the footsteps along the beach. Just a lovely, calm beach walk. This progressed to going out for a swim in the ocean, when suddenly, A SHARK FIN!!! And then there's a shark attack, and it ends with blood in the water!

For the first day, I used a base of Cocktails & Coconuts from Essie, then sponged on That's What I Mint from Essence. I water-spotted on the ripples in the water using Sure Thing from Revlon, then painted the footprints with brown acrylic.

For the rest of the nails, everything was a base of either Shower Together from China Glaze or Let's Get Lost from Essence, along with Marshmallow from Essie water-spotted on top. All details were acrylic. Each day, I used Matte About You from Essie to top off all my nails and give them a nice matte finish.

Yes, I know, these are slightly morbid. But it's important to remember that the actual chance of a shark attack is incredibly low. In fact, you're more likely to die from being struck by lightning, or from a dog bite. And while it hasn't been proven for sure, it's thought that there are more falling coconut related injuries (and possibly deaths) annually than there are shark related deaths. So don't worry about the sharks. They're usually pretty darn cool.