California Dreamin' Part 2

Yeah, I know. I already posted my Basquiat inspired nail art, but I've got a few more pictures! If you haven't seen my first post on California, check it out here!

So during the trip, I snapped a few photos of my nail art in random spots... just cause. Here they are.

Ah, the Disney nails. I always take pictures of my nails in Disney, but I think I deserve bonus points for getting Mickey Mouse in there while still maintaining the Basquiat theme. Also, if you find yourself in Disneyland, I cannot recommend enough the Mickey macarons from the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. I'm not a dessert person, but I LOVE macarons, and this one just happened to be amazing. 

The reasoning behind taking this picture is simple: I was waiting to check-in to the hotel, and they had cool marble tables in the lobby.

When you find a water bottle this cool, you kinda have to take a picture of it with your nails. This amazing art is by a super cool designer, Adam Dalton Blake. I definitely recommend checking him out.

Side note: I'm thinking I should paint some nail art inspired by this. Thoughts?