California Dreamin'

Sorry for the short disappearance on here, but I was on vacation in California, so blogging wasn't really possible!

For the trip, I wanted some super bright nails that I wouldn't have to worry about while away. The whole "not having to worry about" part was easily solved with gel polish. As for the super bright aspect, Basquiat came to the rescue. 

I'm a huge street art and graffiti fan, and Basquiat is one of several artists whose work I love. To do these, I started with a base of 3 coats of Sheer Ecstasy from Sally Hansen's Gel Polish line. And then I used a ton of different polishes for each individual nail. Let's break it down:

Pinkie: This is my favourite nail of the bunch. Overtop of Sheer Ecstasy, I swiped on some of Sunset Sneaks from Essie, Secret Peri-Wink-Le from China Glaze, and orange and purple acrylic. I then proceeded to paint the skull and the rest of the details using acrylic.

Ring Finger: *I guess I forgot to take a picture of my ring finger, so here's another shot of all of my nails.* To paint the famous Basquiat crown, I swiped on some of Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii, and I'm Lost In You from Essence, then sponged on some of Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear collection, and some of I'm Lost In You over Sheer Ecstasy. Finally, I painted the crown, as well as added some scuffs using black.

Middle Finger: I started by painting half of the nail with a mix of Make Some Noise from Essie and Sky Blue from Barry M's Gelly collection. The other half of my nail was orange acrylic. All details of this nail were acrylic.

Pointer Finger: To start off this nail, all I did was sponge a bit of I'm Lost In You and Make Some Noise over Sheer Ecstasy. The dinosaur and crown are all acrylic.

Thumb: I knew I was going to Disneyland on this trip, so I had to incorporate Mickey Mouse into this nail art somehow. I accomplished this by painting my very own Banksy inspired Mickey Mouse that I doodled during a lecture one time – with a Basquiat twist of course. Over the base of Sheer Ecstasy, I swiped on a bit of Salsa from China Glaze, along with Surfing Paradise, and Make Some Noise and Sky Blue. I painted my drippy Mickey with acrylic.

And here's a few more photos.

I'm incredibly happy with how these nails turned out, and even happier that they've lasted so long! As I write this, this nail art is still going strong, and it was painted over 2 weeks ago! Yes, I realize I used gel, but that was only for the base colour. The rest is just plain old polish, acrylic, and top coat!

More than anything though, I'm just really happy to have some street art inspired nail art again. Let me know who your favourite street/graffiti artists are in the comments below! Maybe I'll paint some of their work on my nails too!