#tbt: Canadian Music Week

Throwin' it back this week to April 2017. Every year, Toronto hosts a weeklong music festival, or maybe I should say a music showcase, called Canadian Music Week (CMW). It's a week filled with tons of concerts from amazing Canadian bands. Some are super well known, and some are up-and-coming, but they're pretty much all amazing. 

I only managed to hit up one show at CMW last year, but it was an awesome one. I saw the Indies, which is an award show for indie bands. Tons of bands and musicians played it, including Hollerado, Canadian legends 54-40, and Dan Mangan. I (of course) painted some nails for it.  

I kept the nails pretty simple. The white base is Sure Thing from Revlon, and the black base is Black Taxi from Nails Inc. The logos are painted with acrylic.

And here's a close up of the CMW nail. 

Hope you guys liked this lil' throwback! I'll be back with another throwback next week, as well as some new nail art!