Not Everything is What it Seems

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love painting nail art inspired by other artists (painters, musicians, photographers, etc). It’s my way of showing some love for their art, while also challenging myself to paint in someone else’s style, at a very tiny scale. 

Today’s nail art is inspired by @blakeneubert. His art is super creepy, super cool, and usually a bit gory. It took me forever to figure out which of his pieces I wanted to attempt painting, but I finally settled on his painting of Kat Von D, partially because I never would have found his art if she hadn’t posted it, and partially because she’s super rad. 

For this part of the nail art, everything is acrylic. Like Blake Neubert's pieces though, this nail art is far more than just what you see on the surface.

With a little bit of nail polish remover, what's below is revealed... Check out the reveal here.

And here's the final photo. The actually base for this nail art is Sure Thing from Revlon. Using acrylic, I painted the base layer, which included the teeth on the skull. I then topped it off with Sally Hansen's gel polish top coat, and cured it so that I could use polish remover on it later to reveal the design below. As I already mentioned, the second part, or top layer, of the nail art was all acrylic. After removing the mouth, I topped it off with some more gel top coat.

And of course, here are some close-ups.

This took forever to paint, but I'm super happy with how it turned out. If you dig creepy art, I highly recommend checking out Blake Neubert’s work!

Christina Zalec