Music From Big Pink

The Band is one of my all-time favourite bands, and for Christmas I received what might be the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten: an original copy of their album “Music From Big Pink”. The Band had a house near Woodstock that was nicknamed “Big Pink”, and much of the album was written there, hence the name. As if this album wasn’t cool enough already, the cover art is by Bob Dylan, and the album layout is by Milton Glaser. 

Anyways, I figured it was about time I rocked The Band on my nails.

For this design, I went pretty heavy with acrylic. The base was Sure Thing from Revlon, and everything else was acrylic. I really wanted that extra bit of control with doing detailing that acrylic allows for. 

And of course, here are some close-ups.

Here's the album art, so you guys can compare the nail art to it. 

If you're into classic rock, and you don't know the Band, I highly recommend checking them out. I might be a little biased because 4/5 of the members are/were Canadian, but they're amazing! Can't recommend them enough.