#tbt: Your sister thinks that I'm a freak...

Here we are, #tbt número dos of PUP nail art. Also, if you were wondering, the title of this post is lyrics from the PUP song, "DVP".

I painted these nails in December 2016, and they're based on the doodles on the lyric sheet that comes with the album. The white polish is Sure Thing from Revlon, and the black polish is Black Taxi from Nails Inc. All of the details are painted with acrylic.

Here's a couple close-ups. The left one is the map showing where Pine Point is ("Pine Point" is one of their songs), and on the right, I painted the chameleon (Norman), who the song "Sleep in the Heat" is about.

And here's a shot of all the nails again.

I say this pretty much whenever I talk about PUP,  but they're really cool, so definitely check out their music if you get the chance! See you guys next week for another #tbt!