If my previous posts haven't tipped you off, I'm all about Girl Power. I am, after all, a girl, and I also happen to know tons of rad girls, so I have to show support, especially on my nails.

This particular nail art came into existence for a few reasons:

1. Like I just mentioned, I'm all about Girl Power.

2. I bought a mug that says "GRL PWR" on it.

3. I saw Asa Bree's awesome Blackletter/Gothic script and had to try it for myself.

And so, armed with these reasons, Primrose and Proper from Sally Hansen, and a bunch of acrylic paint, I set out to paint some cool GRL PWR nail art. 

Is it even a Nail Guru post without close ups?

I seriously loved this nail art. It was slightly stressful to paint, but I think it turned out pretty awesome. I definitely want to paint some more Blackletter/Gothic script nail art, so let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should paint next!