Last summer I painted my Banksy x Basquiat inspired Mickey Mouse when I was going to California. As I said in that post, I knew I was going to Disneyland, so I had to rep good ol' Mickey Mouse on my nails somehow. But I felt that I couldn't just paint the usual Mickey (he looks too darn cute and happy for Basquiat nails), so I decided to paint my Mickey skull, based on a doodle I had done.

The whole concept of my Mickey skull came from Banksy's "Dismaland" art installation that was in London a few years ago. While I never got to see the installation in person, I loved all the photos I saw from it. I then added a bit of a Basquiat twist to the one eye to make it match with the other nails more. 

So why am I telling you all of this right now? Cause I brought back the Mickey skull... and I'll probably bring back the Basquiat nails again soon too!

So for this round of Mickey skull nail art, I used a base of I'm Lost in You (03) from Essence, and then I swiped on a bit of Salsa from China Glaze, along with Via Airmail! from Essence and Sugar Apple from Barry MMickey, the drips, and words are painted with acrylic.

Here are a couple close ups.

I don't know what it is about the Mickey skull that I love so much, but I plan on bringing him back to my nail art every so often, cause he just sees so darn cool! What do you guys think?