Marble Nails

Despite the fact that I'm pretty ambidextrous when it comes to nail art, I rarely paint nail art on my right hand, just because it takes waaay too long. But recently, I decided I needed something more than just solid colours on my right hand, so I painted a subtle marble design. This nail art was inspired by Suzie from Nail Career Education and her tutorial for white marble nails.

The white base was White On White from China Glaze's "Geláze" line. Then, I put a gel top coat on, but didn't cure it, and using a thin paint brush, painted thin lines to create the marble effect using a mixture of White On White and Liquid Leather (also from the Geláze line). I cured this, then added a final coat of clear gel. 

Close up time.

I really loved how these turned out, and I might just have to start painting some more nail art on my right hand now.