Just Give'r

For the past few months, I've been interning at Royal Mountain Records, which is a super rad record company in Toronto. One of my projects there was to design a shirt for the band Nightseeker, and the drawings on the arms are all mine! So I figured what better to paint for the Nightseeker record release show than my own Nightseeker drawings?!

The base colour is Willa from Zoya, and the drawings are painted with White On White from China Glaze's "Geláze" line.

Of course I took some close up photos.

The night after the show, I was really tired, but I wanted to get creative, so I painted a skull on my hand. I thought it worked pretty well with the Nightseeker nails.

I had a ton of fun with this nail art, especially because of how pumped I am about the shirt I designed!

This nail art was also one of my first times painting nail art with gel. I like it, but there's definitely a lot I still need to learn about it. For one of my first tries though, I'm pretty darn happy! What do you guys think?