Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing the past couple weeks, but life has been hectic, so I took some time off. But I'm back, and I've got more nail art!

This nail art is more reveal nail art, but this time it's inspired by the YouTuber Shmoxd

So starting with the first layer, which is the eye, I used a base colour of Dove from Zoya. Then I painted the eye using White on White and Liquid Leather from China Glaze's Geláze collection, and acrylic paint. I then topped the whole thing off with a gel top coat to protect it.

Next came the fun part. I painted the triangle using all acrylic, and topped it off with a regular polish top coat.

Aaaand then, I grabbed some acetone, and started the reveal.

I'll hopefully have a video or gif of this to add in some time soon, but for now, here's a close up.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'll most likely see you guys again on Thursday for #tbt, but you can always find me over on my Instagram