Beach Bum: Part II

A couple weeks ago I posted Part I of this nail art, so check that out if you haven't yet! Before I painted the nail art in that post (that went with my Sun Bum nail), I painted this nail art. I wasn't super happy with it, so it only stayed on for about a day, but I figured I'd share it anyways.

My pinkie was a mix of Darcy and Purity from Zoya. Then on my ring finger, I used a base of Chantal from Zoya, then painted the lines and the leaves with acrylic. My middle finger was Blaze from Wet 'N' Wild. Finally, my pointer finger was a base of Guava from Barry M. with Purity from Zoya water-spotted over top. I added some additional water ripples with white acrylic.

Here's a close up of the leaf nail.

I'll have Part III of this nail art up next week, so stay tuned!