I Scream, You Scream

I am NOT a dessert person… except for ice cream. I am a sucker for ice cream. So much so that I thought I should paint it on my nails. I mean how much more summery can you get than ice cream nails?

Let’s get straight to the good stuff: all the colours I used to paint this scrumptious nail art. For my pinkie, AKA the mint chip nail, I used a mix of Mermaid’s Tears from OPI, and Purity from Zoya. Then I used a mix of black and brown acrylic to paint the mint chips. My vanilla/ring finger was also Purity, with some acrylic sprinkles on top. For my middle finger, I mixed Primrose and Proper from Sally Hansen with Purity to get the perfect strawberry ice cream colour. My pointer finger or chocolate ice cream nail was a base of Suzi Loves Cowboys from OPI. All of the dripping ice cream/chocolate sauce/caramel sauce and sprinkles were painted with acrylic paint.

Me being me (*ahem* I believe the kids call it “extra), I decided these nails needed a full blown photoshoot… which may have also just been an excuse to eat ice cream. It started with the sprinkles, which were shockingly difficult to stick to my lips.

Then I broke out the ice cream, which of course melted everywhere. But it’s fine. Because I got to eat it after.

And of course I had to get some close up shots. Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this writing about ice cream is making me hungry. Might just have to see what’s in the freezer…

Until next time, stay rad!