Goldfish Kiss

I am beyond shocked that I’ve never talked about Rebekah Steen and her blog Goldfish Kiss on here before. It’s hands down my favourite blog out there, and I’ve been following it pretty much since it was started, AKA since I was in high school (it’s almost been a decade now). Her blog is a dreamy mix of beach/tropical posts, art, beauty, fashion, travel and writing, so if that’s your thing, I highly recommend checking the blog out.

Also commonly featured on Goldfish Kiss is Rebekah’s awesome nail and toe nail art. I often find myself wanting to recreate her gorgeous designs, and today’s post is all about one of such recreations (the original nail art can be found ici).

Starting with the pinkie finger, I used a base of Make Some Noise from Essie, then painted the flowers on top using acrylic and the tip of a pen to get the perfect dots. For my ring finger, I used Primrose and Proper from Sally Hansen, and then added the banana leaves with acrylic. My middle finger is a DIYed Frankenpolish with a mix of I don’t even remember what colours. The hibiscus painted on top are, you guessed it, acrylic. Finally, my pointer finger is a base of Darcy from Zoya topped off with some cute lil’ acrylic hearts.

And here’s a bonus photo with a rainbow courtesy of a random glass the sun was shining through.

Not going to lie, I painted these MONTHS ago, but I’m still madly in love with how they turned out. Stay tuned for more Goldfish Kiss recreations, and just more nail art in general.

Until next time, stay rad!