On a Beach in Hawaii

In May I went to Hawaii to celebrate my university graduation, and since I was going on a tropical vacation, I clearly needed some tropical nail art. I decided on some watercolour tropical florals inspired by Rebekah Steen, who is the seriously talented chicka who runs the blog Goldfish Kiss (P.S. I recently posted about some Goldfish Kiss inspired nail art I painted/talked about how cool Rebekah’s blog is, which you can see here).

I used actual watercolour paints for these, which was a bit of a lengthy process, but 100% worth it. I started with my base colour, which was You Go Girl from Quo by ORLY, then put a coat of Matte About You from Essie on top (this matte top coat is important for the next step). Next, using a fine tipped felt-tip pen (I used a Micron 005), I drew the flowers onto my nails. I then applied a generous coat of matte top coat, taking care not to smudge the pen. Now it’s time to break out the watercolours. To do this, I used the paints exactly how they’re normally used, by didn’t use quite as much water as I would if I was using the watercolours on paper. I finished off by carefully applying another matte top coat, then sealed it all with a glossy top coat.

I was (and still am) incredibly happy with how these turned out. They’re pretty darn gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

People were giving me some weird looks while taking these photos on the beach, haha. I wonder why?

And you know I have some close ups.

I hope you guys enjoyed this nail art as much as I have, and let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a tutorial of this!

Until next time, stay rad!