Toronto Star APP

This project centred around updating* an existing news app to make it more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. 

For the splash page, the blue background with white serif text was swapped out for a white background with the blue Toronto Star logo.

The home screen displays top stories, and time stamps were added to inform users when a story was added. The article headlines were changed from a sans-serif to a serif typeface (Baskerville) to mimic physical newspapers. 

The drop down menu was changed to a side menu that covers about 3/4 of the screen, with a blue overlay on the exposed portion of screen to help separate it from the menu.

Finally, the article pages were given more white space in order to make them cleaner and simpler to navigate. Clear differentiation between the headline and deck was made by using a serif typeface for the one (headline) and a sans-serif for the other (deck)

*This update was centred around the 2016 version of the Toronto Star app.