Exercise One Process

This was my first stop motion video. Actually, this is probably my first video. Ever. Pretty cool.

My original plan had been to use the word “nostalgia”, but I couldn’t come up with an idea that I really liked for it. So I sat, staring at the list of words, when I noticed “water”. I live by the beach, so my first thought was to make my video there. Buuut then bad weather and my health got in the way, so I figured I needed to come up with an idea that kept me inside where it was warm. The idea of a bottle being spilled in order to reveal the word water had been floating around in my head before, but I was so set on taking photos at the beach that I didn’t really consider it. As I thought about that concept more though, I realized I really liked it. I decided to expand on the concept by having the water spill, cleaning it up to reveal the left over “drops of water” spelling out water, then finally, cleaning up the word.

In the future, I need a better set up. The way I set up the camera led to me bumping the tripod while moving my hand into the frame. This gave a slight shaky look to my video, which was amplified even further by having the (horizontal) wood grain background. I’ll probably go for a simpler background next time.

Another issue I faced was the speed of my video. It wasn’t until exporting that I realized how fast my video was. When I went back to try to make it longer and slow down the pacing, I found that After Effects kept duplicating my frames. I tried looking up how to avoid this, but I still couldn’t figure it out. Any tips so I can avoid this in the future? Also, is there a way to get a more accurate preview from After Effects?

Christina Zalec