Exercise Two Process

Ahhh Exercise Two, or as I affectionately refer to it: “Wow I’m Finally Starting to Understand How to Actually Use After Effects”…

Once I resisted the urge to smash my head against my keyboard after attempting for the umpteenth time to do even the simplest of things in After Effects, everything suddenly began to make sense. And then After Effects wasn’t so scary, and I was actually excited to work on Exercise Two.

For my Wordsmash, I combined the words radical (adjective), infinite (adjective), and adventure (noun). I originally wanted to make it a travel company or travel blog, but ultimately decided to to turn it into an ocean conservation/shark conservation organization.

Since I was dealing with shark conservation, I wanted to make it feel like it was underwater. For this reason I chose to use different shades of blue along with the shark fin, and the underwater sound effects.

Here are my style frames.

And here are some rough sketches for my animation planning.

For my first video almost completely generated in After Effects (aside from the fin I made in Illustrator), I’m pretty proud of this. The only thing I would want to change at this point is learning how to make some of the animations and transitions a bit smoother.

Christina Zalec