Project Two Process

For my second project, I originally chose a clip from season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While I loved the scene, I wasn’t finding enough inspiration to actually use it. I decided instead to use a clip from one of my favourite movies, “Stand By Me”.

Since the movie takes place in the late 1950’s, my first concept was to go for a retro look. I was thinking about using a more muted colour scheme, somewhat inspired by the colour palettes seen in Wes Anderson films. I struggled to figure out both the colour scheme and to pick fonts, so I went in a different direction.


The colour palette ended up being more nature inspired, with a hint of bright green for the computer text at the beginning. I also chose to hand-draw almost all of the elements in the video, as the characters are 12 years old, and I felt the unfinished look of the type fit them well. Since the scene takes place around a campfire, I wanted to include that as well.


Here is my storyboard.

For the opening, since the narrator (the main character, Gordie, in the future as an adult) is typing the story, I decided to creating a typing effect in the style of 1980’s computers. After that, each character had a different hand-drawn font to represent them.


Here are some tutorial and/or inspiration videos I looked at:

Hand-Drawn Music Video

Flying Blobs Tutorial

I also found additional inspiration from the opening credits of the Netflix show “On My Block”. I’ve included some screenshots of them below.

Between juggling multiple assignments and getting sick, I didn’t get as much time to work on this project as I’d have liked. I really love the beginning and the end of the video, but feel the middle section (the part with the orange and yellow background) could use some more work. I want to continue refining this project, so that I can fix the bugs in the middle.

I’d also really like to figure out animating the fire still. This was something else I ran out of time to attempt again. I want to try using the Puppet Pin again, but I also want to attempt to animate/draw it frame by frame.

Overall though, I’m quite happy with how this video turned out. I’m also just really proud that I managed to draw everything for it in time.

Christina Zalec