Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Hey! I’m Christina, a graphic designer and illustrator from small-town Suburbia.

When I'm not staring out my window at rows and rows of identical houses (kidding – my town isn't that suburban), I like to spend my free time listening to classic rock and hanging out with my rock 'n' roll rabbits (David) Bowie and Eleanor Rigby.

I've been creative my whole life, and I could even hold a pencil before I could walk – true story. My creativity manifests itself in drawings, paintings, digital art, photography and my slightly unorthodox and incredibly time consuming nail art (and yes, I actually painted those). Despite my passion for all things art, I had no idea how I could translate this to a fulfilling career, creatively, mentally, and financially. And then I stumbled upon graphic design during a yearbook class in high school. I loved it. It gave me the opportunity to combine many of my creative passions together, and I haven't looked back since. 


Proficient In


Microsoft Office

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign



Basic Knowledge

Adobe After Effects








Originality is Dead?

Thesis Project: Book Design & Exploration, 2018-2019

Originality is Dead? delves into the world of art and design in an effort to determine whether originality still exists or not, or if it even existed in the first place.

Through various explorations and research, this book attempts to understand what originality is and re-evaluates its importance in art and design. Also explored is originality’s complex relationship with plagiarism, which while often viewed as opposites, are actually quite similar. Ultimately, Originality is Dead? exists to show that art and design do not have to be original in order to be successful.



Turning On, Tuning In

Book Design & Illustration, 2018

From Altamont to Ziggy Stardust, “Turning On, Tuning In” covers significant people, places, moments, and music (albums, collaborations, and songs) during what could arguably be the golden era of rock, from the years 1965 to 1975. 

Named after Timothy Leary’s famous quote, “turn on, tune in, drop out”, this book provides a glimpse into an era filled with innovation. With new instruments, new techniques, and a hint of psychedelic drugs, musicians created a brand new sound unlike anything heard before. As the Vietnam War waged on, rock was no longer simply a genre, but now it was an attitude with political and rebellious undertones, but more importantly, it was a catalyst for change.



Strange Days

Mixed Media & Typography Exploration, 2018

Loosely inspired by the Doors album of the same name, Strange Days explores the concept of strangeness through a mixed media book of experimental typography. Digital and hand-drawn elements join together with various other media, including nail polish and sewing to create a semi-interactive and rather "strange" reading experience.



Girl Gang Magazine, 2017



San Diego Surf Film Festival, 2019